This is what matters at VOGEL. A motto which we live every day. Making the difference in every aspect, so our customers can respect and trust us. Integrated in the HEDRICH Group that operates world-wide, we share responsibility towards our clients and our staff.

In nearly 40 years VOGEL has established a solid and sound technical base and found many friends around the globe. Every day we concentrate our energy anew so that you as our esteemed customer can see and feel the “difference” working with VOGEL. We invite you to join in and follow our path for a common successful future.

Join in and be a part of us.

About Vogel

BEING DIFFERENT in many ways.

VOGEL International

So far but so close! Wherever you are on earth, you are in good company. VOGEL products can be found in all parts of the world. Thanks to our partnership with HEDRICH, we can rely on employees in many different countries.

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