LSR Silicone: The material for your silicone processing

For decades silicone has been a material that attracts more and more engineers for innovative solutions for the products of the electrical medium and high voltage industries. Silicone has been gaining market share against competing raw materials. VOGEL has developed specialized technologies to manufacture silicone based products for the medium & high voltage manufacturing industry.

The worldwide increase in the use of LSR silicones in the electrical industry has changed clients’ requirements. Therefore VOGEL offers the complete scope of machines needed for the silicone process. All components are individually designed and adapted to the different components of the system.

In a first step, the system is designed on the 3D CAD system. Later on it is installed in the client’s plant and put into operation. The most important components of the system are simulated to ensure proper operation under manufacturing conditions. Special attention has to be paid to the mounting of the different cavities on the base plate as well as the operation of the injection nozzles.

Lately more and more requirements of handling systems directly attached to the clamping machine together with the mould have been required. VOGEL offers solutions for all major insulation products.

Clamping machines

For the Manufacturing process of silicone components for the electrical industry it is essential to have a clamping machine at hand that fulfils all necessary requirements during the manufacturing process.


For more than 30 years, VOGEL has been famous for the moulds delivered to various clients around the world. VOGEL is capable of manufacturing all types of moulds needed in the electrical industry to produce the different types of insulators for electrical apparatuses.

Mixing and Dosing Systems

The mixing and metering equipment provides all requirements to process the components (A, B and color batch) of  the LSR silicone.

Preheating Device AVT

Our customers’ time is precious. Being aware of this, VOGEL engineers have developed a technology to shorten the silicone processing cycle. The benefit: improved productivity.

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