Mixing and metering

The mixing and metering equipment provides all requirements to process the components (A, B and color batch) of the LSR silicone. Based on the size of the insulator components the right volume is injected into the mould through a static mixer.

The basic design of all silicone injection systems of the DOSKOSIL series is composed of a sturdy base frame to hold the components A and B. The silicone can be processed in commercially available 20 or 200-litre drums. The specifically developed hydraulic electronic control ensures a synchronous operation of the dosing pump. The design of the equipment is standardized. For special applications, mainly in the high-volume range of inserted silicone, customized designs are available.

The largest equipment for the injection of LSR silicone, the DOSIL ONE and DOSIL ONE ADVANCED series, is in the range of up to 80 litres within two minutes. Such equipment is mainly needed for the manufacturing of hollow core insulators. Larger units are available on request.

VOGEL has designed a modular system to build up dosing & mixing equipment tailored to the clients needs. All systems may use DOSKOSIL or DOSIL ONE as basic key components.


The VOGEL mixing and dosing system DosilOne Advanced processes liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with a shot volume of up to 140 l and a filling speed up to 70 l/min.


The VOGEL mixing and dosing system DoskoSil for the continuous mixing and dosing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) processes even abrasive materials up to a viscosity of 500,000 mPas.

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