The company Vogel is a dedicated manufacturer of moulds, clamping machines, as well as dosing/mixing machines. After the invention of the automatic pressure gelation process (APG) in the early 70’s, Vogel has shown its outstanding technical capabilities in designing and manufacturing the necessary hardware for this process.

Epoxy applications

Epoxy/Pur’s are used in a variety of applications in the medium and high voltage industry.

Silicone applications

Silicone has been gaining market share against competing raw materials. VOGEL has developed specialized technologies to manufacture silicone based products for the medium & high voltage manufacturing industry.

Applied Quality Solutions

Composites Applications made by VOGEL, Switzerland

Special Equipment and Solutions for Automation

Relying on many years of experience in development and manufacturing of moulds and clamping units, VOGEL is your competent partner for automated solutions in the APG and silicone process.

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