EPOXY/ PUR clamping machines

Our clamping machines for EPOXY/ PUR comprise systems for small production ranges up to the largest system available on the market. All machines have been designed with a wide opening of the mould plates and an easy “walk-in” design. The machines are fully accessible from both sides. For all types and sizes, heating plates are available. Selfclosing nozzles, various kinds of PLC and TFT touch-screen controls complete the functional capabilities of our machines. Clamping forces ranging from 180 up to 1600 kN have been built.

The clamping mechanism can be build according to Vogel’s standard type by pressing the mould or according to the method of pulling the mould together with hydraulic cylinders. These types are most advanced and keep the focus on a design of precisely closing and opening the mould including all pullers. The machine can be built as a single operating machine or as a dual-design (DUO) machine where two moulds can be placed on one machine. This increases the clamping machine capacity by up to 30%. Our machines are divided into 5 different categories that practically cover all the needs of our customers for a highly efficient production.


The heavy duty machine with a clamping force up to 1000 kN.


The high-efficient machine with most advanced TFT-control.


The most flexible machine available from VOGEL with core-pullers from all sides.


The standard version which is perfect for small parts and prototypes.



This standard type of VOGEL is operational for most applications.

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