EPOXY/ PUR APG processing

Epoxy/Pur’s are used in a variety of applications in the medium and high voltage industry. Besides the classical medium voltage from 12 to 36 kV and high voltage up 1000 kV other industries, like the automotive, high-speed train and motorstator applications show a rapid growth and acceptance in the market. The advantage lies in the fact that that in many cases, components can be built smaller, compared to conventional insulation technologies.

Clamping machines

Our clamping machines for EPOXY/ PUR comprise systems for small production ranges up to the largest system available on the market.


VOGEL’s mould design takes into account the typical characteristics of cast resin in order to avoid errors in casting, shrink holes and cracks. Most of the moulds are in modular design to simplify maintenance or modifications of the mould

Preheating device UFC

In the middle of the 1990s a new concept was born for the processing of EPOXY-Resins. Up to that time, Epoxy-resin was typically injected from a pressure-pot with a temperature of approx.

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